Selected Work

This is a sporadically-updated list of every print article I get published, as well as a highlight of a few of my best blog posts and other media efforts.

"How your local jail became hell: An investigation," The Week
"The secret history of cowboy socialism," The Week
"Free Money For Everyone," Washington Monthly


"Federal Reserved," Washington Monthly, November/December 2015.
"The Age of the Disengaged," Washington Monthly, June/July/August 2015.
"How the West Was Reinvented," Washington Monthly, January/February 2014.
"Reformish Conservatives," Washington Monthly, May/June 2013.
"A Dedicated Life," Washington Monthly, January/February 2013.
"Act of Recovery," Washington Monthly, November/December 2012.
"Good News First, Bad News Never," Washington Monthly, March/April 2012.
"Obama's Top 50 Accomplishments," Washington Monthly, March/April 2012.

"How Disney's The Aristocats explains our bleak plutocratic future," The Week.
"Cory Booker Wants to Torpedo a Major Obama Achievement. What's His Endgame?" The New Republic.
"The Silence of the Austerians: Here's Why 2014 Could Be the Year America Finally Ditches its Inane Deficit Obsession," The New Republic.
"On jobs, conservatives are full of it," The Washington Post.

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