Mar 27, 2012

Peace Corps Article Background

I've been meaning to put this up for ages. But here is some background on my Peace Corps article--things that I referenced, or things that got left out of the article.

1. Read about the group that got the ball rolling on that 20/20 report. The group is called First Response Action, and it's dedicated to improving the situation of Peace Corps volunteers who were victims of rape and sexual assault. It was founded by another South Africa volunteer named Casey Frazee, who I have since met online. I've always supported that group wholeheartedly. I wanted to put a nod to them in the article, but couldn't find a good spot for it.

2. Read about the law FRA got passed in November. This was a big step forward for rape and sexual assault, certainly, but didn't completely address the general oversight issue. I again wanted to stick that in the article somewhere, but couldn't find a good spot.

3. Read the post that got me kicked out of PST.

4. Finally, if you'd like a great backgrounder on the Peace Corps, check out Meisler's When the World Calls