Mar 2, 2010

Tuesday funny

Noah again brings Teh Funny:
His strategy is wildly inappropriate, salting the chicken is many steps down the line. All I can think to say to this misguided, salt wasting youth is "you're doing it wrong" but perhaps "you're creepy and stop tormenting that chicken" would do better. Additionally I would hope that this salt company respects its customers more than to think we can easily be tricked into salting the animals while they are still alive in an effort to increase salt usage and therefore profits.
Check it out.

One of the great things about blogging is if you're bored or feeling uncreative you can just link to something that's interesting (or, less lazily, use someone else's post as a springboard for your own). And that's a great thing to do! After all, the stuff is online for free, and websites generally love traffic. Everybody wins.

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