Oct 9, 2009

Things I like about my village, part I

This is going to be a continuing series, but I'd like to start out with just a little positive thinking.
1) I've got a very nice pit toilet. You can see it there in the back; I think it's a government pre-fab job because there are identical ones all over my village. I didn't learn my good fortune until I talked with some of the other volunteers who are staying nearby who speak of their toilets as an abomination. When I told them sometimes I would take a book with me if I knew it was going to take some time they stared at me in horror--though truly, it barely smells, and there are hardly any flies.

2) The riverbed. It makes for some really nice walking, twisty and interesting, and as long as you like. Last time I went I got greedy, went too far, and was in the stumbling dark when I finally got back.

3) The school's physical resources. There are many books (they don't use them, of course, but it's a start), and two (!) very nice copy machines that I can use anytime. I remember in New York how the teachers would have to go make copies at Staples on their own nickel (or send me to do it), or go for 45 minutes on the subway.

4) How competent I feel. Sure, my self-confidence is sorely tried in a lot of ways every day (like how will I ever learn Setswana? I don't have any friends here, etc.) but when it comes to computers or technical subjects I am a god. My measly half-assed computer skills in the states make me like some sort of wizard here. I can type at least ten times faster than anyone at the school, I know math and science cold (up through 9th grade, anyway) and my English is solid. Today I defined "abdicate" and the teachers treated me like Newton.

A little bigheaded perhaps, but it makes me feel better.
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  1. I have always thought you were perspicacious. I'm glad things are going mostly well, and woot for that cool riverbed.