Aug 20, 2009


I finally get a minute to sit down and mainline sweet, sweet internet. At an atrociously slow rate, but no matter.

I've got a lot of updating to do, but right now I'm considering how I should behave with the whole email vs. blog debate. I think that since a few people have stated outright that they despise blogs and all they stand for, I'll go ahead and send emails, and cross-post them here from now on. I hope none of the three (two? zero?) people who read this will be too offended at that.

I'll also keep just random musings and non-peace corps related things here as well. Hopefully soon I should be able to upload some pictures.

On another note, I see that Peter Jackson made a new movie that is set in South Africa, and it's supposed to be good! I have no idea when I'll see it.

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