Feb 10, 2014


Been quite some time since I've had the gumption to post anything here. But here are some scattershot updates from here and there. It's hard to bother with this place when pretty much every idea I have gets sucked up by other first. But anyway, first, here's a piece in TNR about Mike Lee. Second, here's something about progressives and tax cuts. I'm particularly proud I managed to get "It’s the center we’d have to worry about most, actually — blowing up the deficit with such a proposal would send Washington’s Very Serious People into spasms of murder frenzy." into that second one.

Third, some big news: I've got a new job! I'm going to be starting as a National Correspondent (read: daily blogger) for TheWeek.com, starting a week from tomorrow. Huzzah!

In seriousness, it's been great working here at the Monthly, and I'll always be grateful for the opportunity to work here. It's no exaggeration to say I wouldn't have gotten this chance if I hadn't started out here.

But my new job should have something of an easier schedule as far as daily stuff, and I'd like to return to this place to write out some more oddball or personal stuff. With luck, you'll be hearing from me a couple times per week here, starting soon.

UPDATE: I almost forgot, listen to my first-ever radio appearance here! Oh god it's so bad...

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  1. Welcome back, Ryan, and congratulations on your new post with The Week.