Aug 17, 2013

Longview, Washington Report

Here are some things I discovered during the course of my reporting here. First, if you need some colossal gun safes (or absolutely any outdoor equipment, of any kind I could imagine anyway), Bob's Sporting Goods is the place for you:

Plaza Jalisco is a good hearty meal. Seems a bit pricey at first for only about average Tex-Mex, but the portions are served on what appear to be former oceangoing vessels, the salsa is quite good, and they have free dessert with every meal! I'll be working on my taco platter until Monday at least.

Also, Longview has the biggest board game store I've ever seen, called Dangerous Gentlemen. Worth a stop in for a chat and a marvel.


The local mall has fallen on hard times, so they've got the local library to move in. I stopped and chatted with some of the library staff, and it was the busiest venue in the whole place:

Here's a sundial in the downtown local park:

A historic local hotel:

Though it's moved on to new uses:

Finally here's a picture of a boat:

New camera works okay, eh?

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