Aug 25, 2013

Hood River Photo Dump

I was passing through the Columbia River Gorge very quickly, but made some time to stop and take a few action shots in Hood River. First, stand-up paddleboarding is apparently quite the thing:

But it was a bit windy for that in the main channel. Saw a couple windsurfers, which used to be the most popular thing there:

But the most popular sport, by far, was kiteboarding. Witness this kind of awkward shot:

Also, too:

More sweet tricks:

The cool thing about kiteboarding was you could actually hang from the kite for quite a while. This lady's trick was just jumping way high and hanging in the air for about 15 seconds:

I just wanted to get the bridge in the background here, as well as a sense of the size of the kites. They're big!

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