Jul 28, 2013

Weekend Blogging Roundup

I was blogging for the Monthly this weekend, and this time I'm actually going to do a compilation of all the posts I wrote, because I'm rather pleased with how they turned out. To wit:

1. There was a bit of a fracas around pictures showing a meltwater lake at the North Pole. Turns out that's something of an exaggeration.

2. What can we learn from PayPal accidentally giving some guy $92 quadrillion for a few minutes?

3. Why my fellow broke young men won't be slickered by conservative scumbags into bailing on Obamacare.

4. Social Security evades the effective demand problem with forced saving by transferring the money rather than storing it.

5. Walter Russell Mead is just completely full of shit about climate change.

6. Tom Coburn has this fascinating view that you should win elections if you want to implement your agenda.

7. An America where voting just broke down by race would suck balls.

8. Against the housing status quo. This one is almost entirely swiped from an email conversation with Steve Randy Waldman, who was incredibly gracious with his time in helping my dumb ass understand the housing market. I'm pretty proud of how the post came out, but mostly because I was able to (hopefully correctly) digest his explanation and rephrase in a way that made sense to me. And maybe add a couple nickels of value of my own. (Needless to say, any goofs are probably mine.)

And here's the anthem for the weekend:

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