Jun 10, 2013

Pretty Much, Yeah

"...my basic belief is that aside from civil liberties issues, the security/surveillance state industry is just a giant grift, a big scam there to enrich certain communities in Northern Virginia. That it is a net good is bullshit, that it makes us "safe" is bullshit, and that "making us safe," as opposed to perpetuating its own existence and fattening the wallets of its members and those that play along, has much to with anything that goes on is bullshit." --Atrios.


  1. I disagree! It's there to enrich Howard County, MD, too! Don't pin this all on NoVA!

  2. Squalrey? Are you Mr. (or Ms?) Rooted's sibling?

  3. Just a bad typing day. Been having a lot of those lately. :P