May 26, 2013

Me-Related Link Roundup

This is mostly for my mother, but she's right that I need to be keeping better track of my stuff. To wit:

1. I got a piece published in Grist for the first time, about DC food trucks and young conservatives.

2. Here's my print piece about "reformish" conservatives. Paul Krugman and Mike Konczal think I'm full of it. Response forthcoming.

5. My debut on DC's sorry excuse for a gossip blog. Beware kids, get between me and my highlighter box and bad things will happen. The strangest thing about that is that it's actually quite a fair piece—she reprinted my email in full, and it basically deflates the story. The thing that strikes me is that this is someone's job. Some media critics write really compelling stuff about vicious backstabbery on the Today show. Others scour Twitter for cursing and then write blog posts about people so much less famous than Matt Lauer even with scientific notation there wouldn't be space enough in the universe to represent the scale of the difference. Think about that for a minute and give thanks.

Oh, and this song isn't bad:

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