Jan 16, 2013

Toy Story 3's Visions of Death

I was quite impressed with this:
The Dump/The Incinerator = Annihilation/Oblivion/No Afterlife at All: (Again, I don't blame anyone who thinks that no, this is actually Hell. The imagery is certainly there. I just happen to disagree, here's why.) After the possibility of togetherness but pointlessness, and the possibility of ongoing torment, comes the possibility of complete destruction. The toys react with initial mortal terror, as complete destruction is indeed an on the surface very scary concept. There are several times they could be destroyed, but manage to just barely scrape by by the skin of their teeth. But at the very end, falling into the pit, no way out, and no hope of rescue, the toys, starting with Buzz, have a change in attitude. They accept it and intend to go out together, with dignity. The look on Buzz's face seems to say it all. Even if they escaped, where would they go? to lives of unending meaninglessness? They realize that they were there for Andy, and as such lived full lives, and wanting more is not necessary. The toys acceptance of this end perfectly encapsulates why some people find the idea of simple nothingness after death more comforting than an afterlife. You've lived your life well, there's nothing more to want.
There's a great deal more if you care to check it out.

PS: Here's the scene in question:

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