Jan 31, 2013

Programming Update

Apologies for the lack of updates here, I've been swamped by a few things:

1) I'm finally, finally getting into the swing of my new job. The old guy is taking off, and I'm taking over the full responsibilities. It's a lot to learn and a lot of mistakes to make before I can get comfortable.

2) Our only intern bailed on us after a single day in the office, right as all the factchecking is coming in, so I'm having to do that all myself, while keeping up with #1.

3) Lastly, I got dumped and had to frantically move out of the place I was sharing with my now-ex. She had most of the stuff so I've had to put together a functional wretched bachelor kit too. I wondered about mentioning this online, but since I've made oblique references to the being-in-a-relationship thing I figure I might as well come clean. It burns like fucking hell but hey, these things happen.

Further updates should follow. In the meantime, you can check out my print piece on Shirley Sherrod, and my post introducing it. (Pretty proud of that second one, for a blog post anyway.)


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  2. Hi Ryan, great print piece and post blog on Shirley Sherrod. So sorry to learn about your split. No one should have to know that pain, alas. B

  3. Yeah, dude. Breakups are the worst. Esp when you don't see it coming. I enjoy Zoloft.

  4. Thanks Barbara and Bryce, I appreciate it. Hopefully I won't need any chemical assistance beyond the usual beer or two over dinner.