Oct 17, 2012

A Bittersweet Milestone

So, more than a year after coming home, I've finally finished my last consumable product I brought back from South Africa—some shaving gel. It's strange to think back on those days, so vivid and yet so distant, sort of like remembering a movie I've seen a thousand times. Seems like it didn't happen to me but every detail is still perfectly clear in my mind. I will always remember my Peace Corps times as a grim failure, mostly, but it's finally starting to be tinged with a little fondness and nostalgia.

Obviously, I don't shave that much. Also obviously, I'm super cheap.

Not sure what's up with the Cyrillic.

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  1. Hi Ryan, I still have a small amount of an anti-viral cream from Click's Pharmacy. Besides nostalgia, I was wondering if I could even get a suitable replacement at a pharmacy here in the USA. The South African pharmacies were so different than the ones here. I also share the not-so-negative-feeleings experience. Time, the master healer. B