Sep 17, 2012

The New Place

Loyal readers have been asking for some pictures of the new place. So here we go:

It's a row house in northern DC, east of Rock Creek Park.
No idea when it was built, but if I had to guess I'd say the 40s-ish.

Here's the living room.

Here's an example of what the woodwork looks like. Pretty fancy!

And the kitchen. It is quite the relief to have a fire stove with plenty of space.

Here's about 60% of the bedroom. Pardon the mess, we're still moving in,
but it's big, with a whole separate living room space, a bathroom, two closets, and...

...a sun porch. Not sure what to do with this but it will be awesome.
Anyway, it is a huge relief to be out of that damn basement into a place with windows and no grody carpet that turns your feet black no matter how many times you wash it. I can also walk to work, which takes about an hour, perfect for an episode of Radiolab or This American life. Even though my half of the rent is slightly more, I think it will probably work out revenue-positive for me.

Overall, very very happy to be here. Especially in the coming months, when we buy a couple more pieces of furniture and get fully settled in, it's going to be great.


  1. Congrats!! We're also finding a place right now. Tons of fun. My first thought is, it's huge! We're trying to close on 623 square feet for Tim and I at about $6 per square foot. Mountain view, 10 minutes walk to work, and great gym and pool. But the prices are steep in HK! It's hard to get better than $4 USD per foot with no amenities. Everyone is telling us to try commuting. Congrats again and hugs to you all!

  2. Looks great, Ryan. Love the glass doorknobs. That feature definitely dates it in the 40's. My childhood home had glass doorknobs and so did all the neighbors and relatives. I was born in '42. Great find, lovely place.

  3. I know what you can do with the sunroom...plants! Can't wait to visit