Sep 20, 2012

Audiobook Recommendation Bleg

Since I've been walking to and from work a lot recently, and it takes about an hour each way, I've been burning through episodes of This American Life and Radiolab. I'd like to get back into the audiobook zone, but since the reader makes all the difference I'd like to ask the hive mind if there are any particular favorites you've got.

Also, if you've got particularly good podcasts (aside from the above), that would be appreciated as well.


  1. Oh, man. Since you opened it up to podcast suggestions, I kind of can't help myself. Forgive me if you've already considered these.

    The History of Rome by Mike Duncan. Start from the beginning; he gets better as he goes along, including the sound quality. It gets addictive eventually.

    99% Invisible (not about Occupy but about design) is really terrific and often fascinating.

    The Memory Palace, charmingly produced stories of often obscure American history, is wonderful if too infrequent.

    Also check out The Bugle, “one of the universe’s leading satirical comedy podcasts,” of which The Daily Show’s John Oliver is the 2nd funniest co-host. It’s probably the funniest podcast I’ve heard.

    If you like Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show, it's available as audio podcast.

    Fresh Air from NPR is only sometimes very interesting, but the episodes are well-labeled now, so that helps a lot.