Jul 2, 2012

Programming Update

Sorry for the downtime, folks, the power has been out at my place. Above you see my backyard, featuring a victim from the DC storm. Trees fall over surprisingly easily here. In case you didn't notice, I was blogging at Political Animal over the weekend. Here are a few of the better posts:

1. A view from our dystopian future. The power was (and is!) out at my place, and I had to hunt around for a cafe that wasn't packed. Thus, a bit of a rant about climate change.

2. Drug policy and argumentative positioning. Self-proclaimed moderates should recognize the value of the wings.

3. Generational warfare. Trying to find some common ground between young and old.

4. Batman as financial regulator. The banksters are the real lawbreakers in this world.

5. Better ways to promote public health. Liberals should lay off the elitist paternalism. It's annoying.

Hope everyone made it through the storm okay. Regularly scheduled posting should resume soon.

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