Jun 25, 2012

Quote for the Day

"With the prevailing capitalist order aware that it is in trouble but unable to conceive of practicable alternatives, Žižek’s formless radicalism is ideally suited to a culture transfixed by the spectacle of its own fragility." From the NYRB, in a masterful review by John Gray.


  1. It seems like a bit of a (perhaps willful) misreading in some parts, IMO.

    E.g. where Gray talks about Žižek’s reference to things like the Cultural Revolution or the Khmer Rouge, I suspect the latter was, in his usual way, trying to be provocative while making a subtler point about being truly revolutionary in the sense of breaking with the symbolic coordinates of the status quo, rather than about the immediate physical violence of those events per se.

  2. Could be, I'm in no position to judge.

  3. Some may be interested in this response: