Dec 10, 2011

Weekend links

1. This twisted story on a Vegas real estate scam has to be read to be believed.

2. I didn't know I was psychic!

3. I might be surviving on Ramen noodles, but it still warms my heart to know that crazy old rich people can still give gigantic fortunes to their pets.

4. How doctors die. Worth considering.

5. The history of the world's most influential operating system.

UPDATE: More links!

6. How to beat a tantrum.

7. Another view from the dystopian future.

8. The only way to save the Euro is to destroy the EU.

9. The jet packs are here!

10. Defeating planned obsolescence: a new product will let you sharpen your disposable razors.

11. The Senate is, unsurprisingly, trying to crush innovation in wireless connectivity. More innovation = more competition = less profits for large, established players.

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