Dec 29, 2011

A trip to Belt Salvage

News is a bit light (plus I'm cooking up a whopper of a post for tomorrow, hopefully), so for now here are some pictures I took on a trip down to Belt Salvage with my dad for your consumption. It's a recycling and metal sale place that deals mostly in scrap metal; you can sell them your scrap copper, steel, or aluminum (plus some more, probably). This means they have some truly awesome piles of random scraps.

These two pictures are of some complex machine made by Mueller Martini of unknown function. A bit of googling makes me suspect it's a book-binder:

Our theory for this one was that it was some kind of reaction vessel for making industrial quantities of some chemical:

This crane, presumably functional, was in the "for sale" lot:

This looked like an old cannon, but on closer inspection it was really a lawn ornament—the inside of the barrel was made of rubber:

Here we have a giant pile of refrigerators. We were looking to scavenge a few of the feet that come on such appliances for a table my dad is making (more on this later this week):

Here's one of the scrap piles, with my dad on the lower left:

It was a lot of fun just wandering around and trying to guess the functionality of the more bizarre items.