Dec 27, 2011

My gift to you

Since I can't afford gifts for all my loyal readers (or anyone, come to think of it), I present to you some pictures. I was going through some of my sister's pictures from back in the day and found some atrocious ones of me circa 2004, back before all my hair fell out. I was a college freshman then. Here's me as a wannabe war photographer with a 10-buck camera.

Here's me doing my best "jaunty."

This one might be my favorite. Boy looks into the future!

Hard to believe that was seven years ago, and that I have only gotten more embarrassingly hideous since then. This life stuff doesn't let up.


  1. Lookin' good, ry ry. I couldn't tell if this was an old picture or a new one at first. Woud love to see what's become of you, old friend :)

  2. What are you up to these days? In SoCal with the rest of Reed?

  3. you're certainly not hideous, Ryan Cooper. I think you're quite the handsome young man. Gosh, that makes me sound quite matronly...anyway, I enjoyed these. Is that your little sis?

  4. Your old hair is creepy. You look much better now now:-)

  5. I know, right? I can't decide which was worse, the hair or the glasses. It's probably divine intervention making my hair fall out now.