Dec 12, 2011

The Gingrich Tax Plan

Yglesias points to the new Tax Policy Center report on Newt's tax plan, and provides some handy graphs. He missed the obvious thing though, which is to give it the treatment CBPP gave to Herman Cain's plan.

UPDATE II: The y-axis is dollars of tax cuts under the Gingrich plan. Bad science major!

UPDATE: Though I did spend about 12 seconds on Excel making this thing, obviously feel free to spread it far and wide. It did take me far, far longer to figure out how to make the picture appear full resolution. Blogger kept resizing it to an unreadable degree, as did Flickr and Photobucket. Finally Imageshack did the trick. They've got an option there to upload full whack, without any alterations, and then an embed function. Good to remember!


  1. Imageshack dies quick if you get any serious amount of traffic, unless you pay for it.

    The graph is accurate, though.

  2. what is the y axis?

  3. @Craig B. Good to know! Something tells me I won't have to worry about that for a long time (as in never). Plus, the image in only 190 kb. I'll keep it in mind though, thanks.

    The y axis is future tax under the Gingrich plan, so each bar represents the size of the tax cut for that income group.

  4. That last column is like the opening scene of Star Wars - the damn thing just keeps going and going.

    Newt's Tax Plan - the Imperial Star Destroyer of privilege.

  5. yeah what is the y axis?