Dec 12, 2011

Department of WTF, the GOP id bureau

You can't make this shit up:
An anti-gay Alabama Republican was reportedly making secret sperm donations to at least nine New Zealand women he met over the internet, unbeknownst to his wife back in America...

Johnson has spent much of the last year in Christchurch, where he moved without his wife and her three kids (from a previous marriage), in order to help the country’s recovery from the February earthquake.

All the while Johnson was reportedly trolling the internet under the username “chchbill” for women who needed help getting pregnant. He reportedly had exchanges with at least nine women — among them several lesbians — at least three of whom are now pregnant.
I'm reminded of the second panel of this old Tom Tomorrow:

UPDATE: If you like that comic, check out the Daily Kos comics page, and the Tom Tomorrow merchandise site! I imagine it's tough to be a cartoonist these days; they need all the help they can get.

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