Nov 7, 2011

Meeting old friends

Apologies for the recent darkness here, but I've been working hard on some stuff for the magazine that I might turn into an actual magazine piece! Probably not, but who knows... I spent some time with the Editor-in-Chief Paul Glastris today going over the points, and then basically starting from scratch. It's a good kind of feedback though, and Paul is really good at striking the right balance of reasonable, honest criticism.

I love this job.

In other news, I met some old Peace Corps South Africa buddies for some drinks and greasy food after work today, and it was really, really great. Unexpectedly so. Though I think this will change once I process the experience, the whole Peace Corps service has been feeling bizarrely unreal, like it happened to someone else, and this was a nice reminder that no, it was all genuine. Plus, I missed those guys! It's nice to be able to laugh at the same kind of inside jokes and say "yebo" without having to explain yourself.