Nov 18, 2011

The cowardice of Millennial men, ctd

Ellen Campesinos, who plays bass for Los Campesinos!, in an article explaining why ladies in popular bands apparently don't get any action:
Having eliminated fans and support-band members, we're left with the guy hanging out at the bar whose friend has dragged him along to the gig. In a lot of ways, he's the most appealing choice. I want to hear that someone is not fussed about us. The thing is, this hypothetical guy normally throws me some glances, and I shoot some back, but he still won't talk to me. And I don't want to reduce it to status anxiety or a power issue, because obviously it's intimidating to talk to any stranger, let alone someone who was just performing. But why are there always attractive girls who talk to the male band members post-show? They have insights and they like books and they have no problems with light flirtation. Maybe it's because they're better at hiding their inner crazy fangirl, or maybe it's because some men worry they will come across as slightly creepy.
As you might expect, there's more to it than that, but I since this confirmed my pre-existing beliefs, it's obviously true.

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