Oct 29, 2011

Saturday museum report

It is freezing cold here in DC; you might be able to see that it's snowing outside. We spent the afternoon hanging around the Natural History and Air & Space museums. For me I think the latter is cooler.

If I can make a recommendation, the "How Flight Works" display, though it's a bit cheesy and sponsored by Boeing, is actually pretty interesting. Someone with a serious science background clearly designed and fact-checked the displays. They avoid a lot of the usual myths about flight and even dispel some of my pet peeves (the "equal transit time" explanation, for example). Good stuff.

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  1. Yes, it's snowing in October! Crazy, probably setting an early snow record. It's snowing in New Jersey too. It's really beautiful, all the white wet snow on the very colorful leaves. Trees will probably fall down or break, but it's really a rare sight. B