Oct 10, 2011

The next Troy Davis?

The indefatigable Radley Balko:
Skinner (who has already come within an hour of execution) is about to be executed despite the fact that there is testable DNA from the murder weapon, the rape kit, hairs one of the victims was found clutching, and a jacket left at the crime scene similar to one worn by another possible suspect, all of which has yet to be tested.
And it’s even worse than that. The state started testing on the hairs a decade ago. When preliminary mitochondrial testing came back negative as a match to either Skinner or the victim, the state just decided to stop further testing.
It’s one thing to consider all of the evidence, find it unconvincing, and then proceed with an execution despite strong disagreement from the suspect’s supporters. It’s a whole other level of moral culpability to deliberately remain ignorant about evidence that could definitively establish guilt or innocence.
Skinner is set to be executed November 9. See here for more. Of course, Rick Perry is a major bad actor in this case, just like when Texas executed Cameron Todd Willingham based on faulty science.

The Davis case was a major source of outrage at the Occupy DC protests last week.  Lets hope the outrage can be directed in the right direction here as well.

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