Aug 21, 2011

I'm home!

This is looking south from my family home where I grew up from about nine years old.  I took this picture with my mom's sweet new Android phone.  I don't have a phone myself yet, but I'll probably have one by early next week.  Over my left shoulder you can see Sleeping Ute Mountain, and over my right you can see Mesa Verde.

The flight was a 40-hour marathon and I still feel pretty frazzled, but a shower and some sleep did me a world of good.  I'm still processing the whole America experience, so I don't have much more to say yet, but more updates will follow as I manage to put words to things.


  1. Welcome Home, Ryan. I am reading your blog in the Minneapolis-St Paul airport on the 2nd leg of my journey to Michigan. It's not quite 40 hrs yet, but it feels like it. Just 2 more hours and I will be hugging my sons. YAY!!

  2. Hooray! Tell them I said hi.

  3. Welcome Home! We've enjoyed following your adventures. Hope to see you this fall. Say Hi to yer Ma & Pa for us. Hay & Deather