May 8, 2011

Noah brings Teh Funny

Old man Prescott has been blogging up a storm, a storm suffused with his trademark deadpan humor.  Check out wine 'n bike: "One of the wineries had a cheetah sanctuary which was a pleasant surprise. The urge to rub the cheetah's tummy was pretty strong at this point. I resisted because I know that's how cheetahs draw in most of their prey."

Cape Hope of Good Point: "Sister heading back to NYC. It's funny because she can't actually walk back because there is an ocean separating Africa from North America. I think there are also other reasons why she can't walk back but it's mostly because of the ocean."

Cape flowers: "People ask me all the time, "why don't you write more about flowers". I am kidding of course because no one has ever asked anyone that question."

Miscellaneous Cape Town stuff: "Cape fur seals sunning their blob-like selves. I don't think these seals have seen Planet Earth because a great white could have exploded out of the water and annihilated them at any point. They need to be much more vigilant, not one of them is on lookout."

Check it out.

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