May 5, 2011

Collected links

1. Why expensive wine might be worth it even though no one can really tell the difference.

2. A critical look at life pre-civilization.

3. The revolving door between government and Wall Street.

4. This article on a murder in Guatemala has to be read to be believed.  What a crazy place.

5. David Eagleton on the brain.


  1. Neuroeconomists?? I'm just getting used to the idea of evolutionary biologists. B

  2. I have to say, there is yellow tail and there are wines with many layers of subtle flavors. My friend brady and i used to save up and occasionally split one bottle of a well-rated french bordeaux or something out of the ordinary. They aren't in the same class. It's like comparing off brand cola to coca cola- not even close. But i did enjoy the article, and do agree that many inexpensive wines are very good. :-D