Mar 22, 2011

Strike in Batlharos

Last week the big news in the Kuruman area was a strike in one of the outlying townships called Batlharos.  Students had been protesting the widespread use of corporal punishment, and the teachers called the police.  One of the police officers struck a student and was arrested for assault.  The whole thing seemed finished for a time, but apparently one of the local political leaders whipped the students into a frenzy and they attacked the police station en masse, stacking stones and a tree in the road, breaking windows, and burning a police car.  The main road was blocked, necessitating a lengthy detour.  The situation remained bit unstable until reinforcements arrived from Kimberley Friday night and clamped down.  By Saturday things were back in order.

Just a quick view of mob behavior.  It's a rare situation that would be improved by such random violence.

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  1. Nxa that police guy y did dy leave him nxa!!!!!