Feb 15, 2011

Sean Smith is a cool guy

Per my earlier post about the Entertainment Weekly journalist who joined the Peace Corps, I actually met the man during my brief jaunt up to SA23's training, and I must say I was very favorably impressed.  During one of the sessions I mentioned my time in New York City and how the culture shock had been much more severe than coming to South Africa, and afterward he came up and told me about moving there from Eugene himself back in the day.  Hard to put a reason on why you like someone, but he seemed on first impression to be a stand-up fellow.  Charming and funny at the very least.

Anyways, all this is just to underscore the fact that glib generalizations are easy to make (and in fact I heard a lot of them when people were first learning of Mr. Smith's joining up) and usually false.  Heaven knows I've done more than my fair share of that sort of thing, but in a perfect world each person would get equal consideration as they deserve.

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  1. Ha! The other pcvs i was most put off by during pst are now some of the most dear people. We are all allowed our initial impressions, but the test of our character lies in us realizing we may be wrong. Or right. Or crazy. :-P