Feb 20, 2011

A quick note on blogging

I often get asked why I write so many posts about US politics, or random science crap, and so few Peace Corps-related posts, or even sometimes about my jaded tone.  I got an email yesterday:
Why are you always so negative?  You're giving the Peace Corps a bad name.  Focus on the positive aspects of your experience, talk more about your village!
My answer is that this is my own personal space, and I follow wherever my random, disorganized thoughts lead.  I'm jaded and cynical because I value straightforwardness and honesty very highly, and I call it like I see it.  If you don't like it, feel free to direct your browser elsewhere.  Questions, comments, and requests are always welcome, but please don't gripe about how I'm harshing your mellow—I do this for free.


  1. As a RPCV from the Philippines, I know exactly what you mean. I only rarely wrote about Peace Corps on my blog and ended up posting a lot about politics and poetry, personal interests of mine. The blog was as good an escape from my wholly Peace Corps world as any other.

    Also, I wanted to say I followed Andrew Sullivan's link to your site. Congrats! That must have been thrilling, though the topic is a grisly one. I appreciated what you had to say about rape and risks and Peace Corps in general.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your service. Coming home is just as strange as leaving.

  2. Thanks! Glad you found something worthwhile. I'll be headed back around September. I was hoping someone would have gotten that unemployment rate under 8%, but it doesn't seem that likely...

  3. I'm all for "call it as you see it." Your blog is my favorite read.

  4. Thanks! By the way, my mom says she's a big fan of yours :)

  5. speaking of being too negative. i heard you got banned from pst. for what its worth it was really helpful to hear from a pcv who wasn't all smiles and butterflies (which is pretty much the pc term (pun intended) for full of shit)