Feb 24, 2011

Chicken run

Pardon a bit of a rant mixed with some theology.

I have a quasi-mystical belief in a deity whose guiding principle, whose raison d'être, whose work and joy and life, is frustrating people in small ways. My father encapsulates this philosophy in the phrase "the innate hostility of things." Sort of like an emasculated Gnostic demiurge.  It is the force behind Murphy's Law, falling slices of cake, and the United States Senate.

This deity has been busy lately fiddling with the electricity.  Yesterday, for the third consecutive night, the power died at the precise moment I was placing my defrosted chicken in the pot.  The little ice trap beneath my mini-freezer is a raspberry pink from all the blood.  But today, I managed to break a couple freezer-burned chunks apart and get them cooked.  You know what I did next?  I ate them.  We'll see if Yaldabaoth has the juice to give me dysentery.

I suppose the lesson of all this is that I should become a vegetarian.

1 comment:

  1. You said cake. Mmm cake. Our electricity has been on the outs for weeks, too, when last year, it was quite stable. I was told a power box was down in ellendale, thus screwing all of us in a 25k radius. However, i know not to blindly trust everything i hear, nor to blame every weird happening on the divine. My tummy hurts. Hath i smitten the deity? Well, this one may be true...good stuff, ryan.