Feb 21, 2011

A bit of penetrating psychological analysis

I was reading some old XKCD and was struck by this comic, which depicts the refined, purified, concentrated, Grade-A cowardice that increasingly defines the male mind (not mine, of course, *cough*):
UPDATE: I even figured out how to add the tooltip! (Meaning let your mouse hover over the comic for a few seconds for some extra goodies.)


  1. What an enjoyable blog to read! I'm a PCV in the Eastern Caribbean nation of St. Kitts & Nevis. And even with some overlaps in culture and heritage, I gather the cursing is much more creative there than here.

    I'm a techee, and adore xkcd as well. And your blog title takes me back to GenChem at GA Tech. *involuntary shudder* Cool blog header, btw – did you take that picture yourself?

  2. Yeah, Afrikaans cursing could make Nixon blush. I don't know much of that language, but there are a few choice phrases that also sound really aggressive :)

    I was a big fan of chem throughout, which apparently makes me some kind of psychopath.

    Didn't take that picture, unfortunately, that's a Creative Commons picture of the Little Colorado that I used for a story of my dad's. Worth a read if you've got a few minutes.