Jan 29, 2011

Some quality metal: Underoath and The Dillinger Escape Plan

Two solid metal albums have recently captured my ear better than any for a long time.  (They're both pretty heavy, so now's your chance to tune out if you don't like angry vocals.)  The first, by Underoath, is called Disambiguation.  They're allegedly a Christian band, but not obnoxiously so (as opposed to POD, for example).  The lyrics are mostly pretty standard angsty metal fare, and easy to tune out in any case.  Here's "Catch Myself Catching Myself:"

The second (and better one) is Option Paralysis, by Dillinger Escape Plan.  A bit more melodic than their previous efforts, and a lot better lyrics than Disambiguation.  Here's "Gold Teeth on a Bum:"

Good stuff. Perfect for when you get sick of acoustic indie rock. (You know I love you, The National, I just need to rock out sometimes.)

1 comment:

  1. We all love The National, but I'll cop to enjoying Underoath once and a while.