Jan 19, 2011

Collected links

1. The haunting suicide note of Bill Zeller (the creator of MyTunes, if you've heard of that).  It's wrenching, be warned.

2. This dude published his entire genome online.

3. The myth of charter schools.  Apparently it's not quite how Waiting for "Superman" makes it sound.

4. A profile of Colorado governor John Hickenlooper.  I love a goofball in power.

5. Darrell Issa, the new chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is...well, he's either staggeringly unlucky or a straight-up crook.

6. What's wrong with the scientific method?  More than you might suppose.  Quite the unsettling article.

7. How Obama has vindicated Dick Cheney.  Sad but absolutely true.

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