Jan 13, 2011

"Ba tshwana batho"

Here's a heartwarming little anecdote.  The other day on the taxi I was sitting next to a father who had his son on his lap.  That in itself is quite remarkable—fathers are scarcer than hen's teeth most of the time.  I was playing with the kid a little, showing him how the drink holders on the back of the seats worked.  Then the kid asked his dad a question in Setswana: "Is this lekgowa [pointing to me] a person like me?"

The dad said, in a completely nonchalant tone, "Ba tshwana batho," meaning "They are the same, people."

I was gobsmacked.  Here's to non-deadbeat dads and racial tolerance, one tiny step at a time!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! I love your blog Ryan... It is some of the best reading around... Well done! Karen Kaye