Jan 17, 2011

Another new principal!

Today I finally met the permanent principal for my school's foreseeable future.  In case you forgot, my first principal retired three months after I arrived at site (heaven knows why he applied for a volunteer, but as he was a miserably bad supervisor I can't complain), and this last year I had an acting principal while the department was interviewing the prospective candidates.  Today we got to finally meet the selected man and take his measure.

I made it clear that I won't be taking formal responsibility for any classes, as I will be leaving before the end of the year and gone for weeks on end helping with SA23's training.  That went over fine.  He'll be one of two teachers in the Senior Phase now (Grades 7-9), and it remains to be seen how he'll perform in the classroom or deal with recalcitrant teachers.  Still, judging from my first impression, I'm cautiously optimistic.  Keep your fingers crossed.

I am at the very least relieved to not have to formally teach anymore.  I told them I would help team-teach classes throughout Grades 4-9 so long as the teachers will help me (as well as the occasional substitute teaching), and I intend to hold them to that promise.  I think I am a much better help with another teacher in the classroom than I am by myself.  So it's fair to say I'm thinking positive about this year...it should be good!

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