Dec 20, 2010

Random tree picture

At GTOT we witnessed some improvements being done at the Peace Corps office.  Here you can see a gigantic tree that they cut down—it gave some nice shade, but the parking is cramped already and it just took up too much room.  For reasons I couldn't understand, they cut down the tree fairly far from ground level and then spent the better part of three days chopping out the stump with a single axe.

1 comment:

  1. Justin and I witnessed a similar deconstruction scene in Kuruman one time. Instead of putting a ramp up to the back of the tow truck, 4 guys spent AT LEAST 1.5 hours hoisting it up with a crane and rope, and they did NOT get it up on to the bed of said tow truck. At least not while we were watching.

    I also heard that the tree roots were tearing up the already uneven as hell bricks around the compound; that was the big reason for the takeout.