Dec 15, 2010

New albums

Trying to use up my over-large data bundle for the month I've acquired a few albums that looked promising off Metacritic's best of 2010 list.  Here they are, in no particular order:

1) Swim, by Caribou.  Decent blend of indie electronic with some club flavor.  Recommended.

2) Tron Legacy Soundtrack, by Daft Punk.  If you liked the Inception soundtrack, you'll like this one.  Recommended.

3) Cosmogramma, by Flying Lotus.  Meh.

4) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, by Kanye West.  Sort of a weird one, almost avant-garde.  Recommended.

5) Spiral Shadow, by Kylesa.  The best of the bunch for my money.  Highly recommended if you like hard rock or metal.

6) High Violet, by The National.  Good for indie rock.  Mostly avoids the dullness and dragging that turns me off the genre.  Recommended.

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