Dec 10, 2010


Rise Up Coffee is a company founded by a returned Peace Corps volunteer, and they have decided that they will send a free sample to any currently serving volunteer who asks.
Delicious.  Morning coffee is usually my favorite part of the day.
I asked for mine a few weeks back, and here it is! I'm excited to try it out in my French press. For other volunteers, to get some for yourself, just go to their Facebook page, like them, and put your address on their wall.  Lovely.  For those of you back home, I encourage you to patronize this remarkable company. Apparently they're on the cutting edge of organic, free-trade business. (Send me free stuff and I'll stump for your company too.)


  1. Thanks Ryan, for the heads up about this company. Free coffee for PCVs?? I'm in--and can't wait! :-)

  2. Amazing news, eh? It's great coffee, too.