Nov 26, 2010


Turkey day turned out to be quite the experience.  I was originally going to be accompanied by another volunteer to the house of the psychologist for the US embassy, but she was unable to make it, so it was just me representing Peace Corps.  There were expats there from Switzerland, France, England, India, Finland, Pakistan, and the US.  They had me stand up in front of everyone and give an impromptu explanation of the history of Thanksgiving.  (I figure if you graduate from college and you can't at least BS reasonably well, you ought to ask for your money back.)

I let loose what charm I could muster up, and the evening seemed to go pretty well, though I was often lost amongst the French-speaking bunch.  That's not their fault though, and otherwise the people were excellent and the food delicious.  Now I've got a new friend in Waterkloof (the wealthy section of Pretoria) in case of emergency.