Nov 1, 2010

My life in numbers

Cooper Knowlton had a funny idea I'm going to shamelessly steal.

Months in South Africa: 15
Months left in South Africa: 10
Books read: ~100
Books I’m currently reading: 5
Blog posts written: 561
People helped/successfully taught: 0
Friends in my village: 0
Bowls of Morvite eaten: 1000's 
Times I’ve been asked if I want a South African wife: ~10
Times I've been asked for money: Avogadro's number
Amount of money Peace Corps pays me each day: ~$11
Amount of money I spend each day: ~$5
Days of rain since last May: 0
Number of students in my Grade 8 class: 12
Number of mosquito bites that I have ever gotten in the village: 0
Number of miles I’ve run in the last two weeks: 40
Number of legs I have seen broken: 1
Number of miles from my village to Kuruman: 62
Hours it took to travel that distance (by taxi) yesterday: 3 1/2


  1. you make TEN dollars a day! They spoil you guys rotten over there in Africa it sounds like! By the by...ive taught just about as many students myself!

    PCV M20 Mongolia

  2. Yeah, pretty much the lap of luxury. Prices are a bit higher, possibly because SA's total lack of a manufacturing sector. I'm not sure how the rest of Africa compares.

    Teaching's great, ain't it?

  3. sounds about right! had a similiar experience when i was in lesotho!