Nov 25, 2010

It's a small world

I'm still here at this training in Pretoria, which is going well enough all things considered.  They told us originally that we'd be going out to dinner at the ambassador's house here, but it turns out that there were too many of us for that, so some got shunted off to other American families around town.  Still, great to be getting a free dinner.

It turns out that one of the other volunteers here is also a river-running type who has worked around the Southwest for a long time, on the San Juan and others.  Just yesterday my sister called me, and I mentioned this person, and it turns out they worked at the same company and were good friends.  Quite the staggering coincidence, eh?

I'll be heading back to my site around Saturday or Sunday, and regularly scheduled blogging will resume then.


  1. Glad you had an opportunity to share a Thanksgiving dinner, Ryan. We missed you here at the Kuru-Kuru, Nate and Noah had to hold up the masculine end today. But they did a good job of it. B

  2. Glad to hear someone is keeping the testosterone flowing. Lord knows it's in short supply in Peace Corps.