Nov 13, 2010

Busted leg reax

Jenneffer provides an update:
Pain management was one of the two most difficult parts of my hospitalization. There were times i felt like Frida, waking from nightmares, screaming in pain, only to be stilled by in injection of strong analgesic. Never have i seen my body tremble so violently from a negative experience. The other terrible part was being alone. I never imagined i would come to need and enjoy the company of others, until this past 15 months of experiences in the peace corps. Especially in such a difficuly time, as being hospitalized, having surgery, and enduring so much pain.
Say some prayers to the deity of your choice that she gets better soon (I choose the FSM). One good thing about crutches is you get massively improved upper-body strength in a hurry.


  1. Yeah, or tendonitis. I am working on both.

  2. I'm pulling for some horseshoe triceps and deltoids rippling like waves on a beach.