Nov 1, 2010

Department of WTF: bad luck tumble bureau

This weekend in Kuruman I was walking arm-in-arm with my friend here when she tripped on a small curb and fell to one knee.  It was an exceedingly minor fall, not even all the way to the ground as she caught herself on my arm.  Yet through some lousy confluence of planets she broke her tibia just below the knee.  Me and some other strapping young lads were carrying her around all weekend; at this point she's in Pretoria for surgery.  Here's hoping her recovery is brief and painless.

UPDATE: See here for her own story.  Lack of calcium seems like it could be a factor.  I hope my daily bowl of cereal is helping me in that respect—I remember the orthodontist who did my wisdom teeth said I had about hardest bone he'd ever had to bust out with a chisel.  I've never broken a bone in any case, and so far it doesn't seem like a great experience.


  1. So the surgeon said my bones seem normal, i was fun just very unlucky. Kb told me to make sure and eat plenty of calcium from here on out. The surgery combined with physio will help keep osteoarthritis away, or at least at bay for 15-20 years, hopefully. May get discharged tomorrow. Eish, ryan, so glad you were there. For everything

  2. Well glad you seem to be on the road to recovery, and that I could be of some small assistance. I trust that if I ever break my leg you'll be there to wait on me hand and foot :)