Oct 30, 2010


I don't have much to add on who to vote for in the coming election that isn't probably mostly encapsulated by the letter next to their name on the ballot.  I do, however, want to strongly encourage California voters to vote YES on Proposition 19.  It's high time we had a dramatic confrontation over drug policy, and the fact that Mark Kleiman is in full concern troll mode over it is only a good sign.  Nicholas Kristof is making sense here:
I dropped in on a marijuana shop here that proudly boasted that it sells “31 flavors.” It also offered a loyalty program. For every 10 purchases of pot — supposedly for medical uses — you get one free packet.

“There are five of these shops within a three-block radius,” explained the proprietor, Edward J. Kim. He brimmed with pride at his inventory and sounded like any small buinessman as he complained about onerous government regulation. Like, well, state and federal laws.

But those burdensome regulations are already evaporating in California, where anyone who can fake a headache already can buy pot. Now there’s a significant chance that on Tuesday, California voters will choose to go further and broadly legalize marijuana.

I hope so. Our nearly century-long experiment in banning marijuana has failed as abysmally as Prohibition did, and California may now be pioneering a saner approach. Sure, there are risks if California legalizes pot. But our present drug policy has three catastrophic consequences.
See here for the rest.

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