Oct 18, 2010

My music project

Karen Kaye brought up a little feel-good project I put together awhile back in a rare spasm of sociability:
We were to choose a song that best represents our mental process, and the songs would be collected, compiled, and distributed. The exercise involved mystery and suspense: who would choose which song to best represent themselves. And would we be able to match the song to the fellow Peace Corps volunteer?

Now, think about it: a song that best represents your thought process. What would you choose?
It's actually something that I did back on in my freshman dorm at Reed College, and it wasn't my idea back then.  But still, even considering that it was me initiating it, I'd call it a smashing success.  The tracklist:

1. Bela Fleck - New South Africa: Intro
2. Simon & Garfunkel - 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
3. Kenny Rogers - The Gambler
4. Joni Mitchell - Carey
5. Robert Earl Keen - It's the Little Things
6. Ludacris - Rollout (My Business)
7. John Lennon - Imagine
8. Don McLean - Vincent
9. The Submarines - You Me and the Bourgeoisie
10. Wilco - On and On and On
11. Eddie Izzard - Being European
12. The Beatles - A Day In the Life
13. Dan Deacon - Jimmy Joe Roche
14. Des'ree - You Gotta Be
15. Dixie Chicks - Easy Silence
16. Allman Brothers Band - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
17. In My Life - Judy Collins
18. Talking Heads - Life During Wartime
19. Bette Midler - The Rose
20. Coldplay - Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love
21. Queen - Bicycle Race
22. Ratatat - Loud Pipes
23. Riverdance - Countess Cathleen
24. Rosette - Brazasia
25. CocoRose - Butterscotch
26. Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
27. Monty Python - Logic vs. Sex
28. Talking Heads - Slippery People: Karen K.
29. Xavier Rudd - Messages
30. Ennio Morricone - L'Arena (The Mercenary)
31. Lamb of God - Walk With Me (remix)
32. The Billy Burke Estate - Everybody's Gonna Die
33. E.L.O. - Mr. Blue Sky
34. Paul Simon - That's Where I Belong: Outro

Here's my selection:

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