Sep 14, 2010

Department of WTF, plagiarism bureau

It's pretty common for content to be stolen online, usually from more famous people. But I recently ran across this post, which a mangling of a post my sister wrote some time ago. It's apparently some kind of lake hire company, and it seems like they just processed it through some kind of synonym machine and inserted "lake hire" in random places. The result is like a breed of surrealist poetry. They transformed this:

Back at camp the other two cars have a story of their own. The Lieutenant got a flat, too. Blew it on the highway at 65 mph. Loud pop but no loss of control. We now have 4 cars and no spares. It's time to drive the 100+ miles to the nearest large town. Besides, we're out of beer.

Now, what do you do when you blow four tires on dirt roads in rental cars? Well, the Captain decides, you try to hide it from the rental company and hope the wrath of our sponsors is less than that of the rental companies. It's only an extra $1000 and a wasted day, right? They already paid for our plane tickets, materials, and cars; this is hardly a drop in the bucket. The new tires go on the spare rims, the spares go on the original rims and the new tires go under the vehicles, where, hopefully, no one will look and see that they are different tires.

to this:

lake hire
backside at camp the additional two cars boast a falsehood of their own. the substitute got a tedious, too. blew it on the highway at 65 mph. loud pop but no beating of hold sway over. we now boast 4 cars lake rentals texas and no spares.lake hire it's epoch to constrain the 100+ miles to the adjacent bulky settlement. furthermore, we're out of beer.

now,lake hire come again? do you do at what time you swipe four tires on dirt roads in hire cars? thriving, the commander decides, you try to secrete it commencing the hire set and aspiration the wrath of our sponsors is fewer than with the intention of of the hire companies. it's solitary an mega 00 and a tired out day, right? they by now rewarded for our seaplane tickets, resources,lake hire and cars; this is almost not a plunge in the pail. the new tires go on the get by without rims, the spares go on the creative rims and the new tires go beneath the vehicles, everyplace, optimistically, no one willpower glare and see with the intention of they are discrete tires.lake hire

I challenge anyone to read those two paragraphs out loud without laughing. The whole post is worth a read. I'm not even sure these guys are actually plagiarizing—this is surely a new creation of significant merit, accident or no.

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